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Exploring Headlines: Netflix’s Sweetheart Deal, Weaponized DMCA, Newsroom Transformation, Audi’s Paywall, and more

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We’ve found some interesting reads for you not to miss! These stories cover Google and Netflix’s deal, PlayStation Plus subscribers, newsroom transformation and subscription growth, streaming prices, Cable TV,  weaponized DMCA takedown requests, and Audi’s car paywall. 

Google offered Netflix a sweetheart deal to pay just 10 percent on Google Play

The Verge

60% of PlayStation Plus subscribers may opt for annual 12-month memberships


Why Newsroom Transformation is Key to Subscription Growth

As Actors Strike Ends, Media Analysts Expect Slow Trickle of New Content and Higher Subscription Costs


Look out. Streaming is turning into cable TV.

Washinton Post

Google Sues Over Fraudulent & Weaponized DMCA Takedown Requests


Audi Is Planning To Paywall More Software Features Starting Next Year

Wonderful Engineering

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