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Looking for Love? Tinder Can Help You Find It for $500 a Month!

Tinder revamps its Tinder SELECT membership to make it exclusive but more accessible.

After months of teasing those looking for love, Tinder finally dropped a revamped version of their exclusive premium offering: Tinder SELECT. Tinder’s deluxe tier will cost prospective daters $500 a month, and they must be one of Tinder’s most active users to be chosen to subscribe to the tier.

“SELECT is Tinder’s exclusive membership that gives you unrivaled access to the absolute best of Tinder,” the company says on their help pages.

Tinder revealed an exclusive version of the app for its “most desirable” users in 2017, offering the premium tier to celebrities and “people who do really well on Tinder.” At the time, users who were interested in this tier had to wait for an invite or could be nominated by other SELECT users. The new $500 offering allows more people to fall in love with the exclusivity, while Tinder makes a profit whether members find love or not.

Tinder SELECT offers members a few different perks, namely a SELECT badge on their profile that they can turn on and off. SELECT members also get other perks, including:

  • Direct Messages: Up to twice per week, Tinder SELECT users can DM someone without matching with them first. However, a user can only DM someone that is in the Likes Sent tab, so the Tinder member had to select them. Some users can opt out of receiving DMs.
  • Skipping the Line: Regardless of someone else’s Tinder membership status, a Tinder SELECT member will be put into the Likes You page with their photo unblurred. In addition, the Tinder SELECT member will remain prioritized in that tab for up to a week.
  • SELECT Mode: A SELECT member can choose to only be seen by other SELECT members.
  • VIP Experience: Tinder promises a VIP experience for SELECT experience. Membership spots for SELECT are limited to less than 1% of users.

In addition to the status symbols, Tinder SELECT members will also be able to test new features on the dating app, hide ads, and see the Likes they have sent within the last week. SELECT members can “stack their memberships” to include SELECT with Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum.

To be eligible for SELECT, users must have at least four photos, five interests, and a bio with at least 15 characters. Interested parties must also show a relationship goal and be photo-verified. If the member is approved after application, they will receive an in-app message, and an email with a unique unlock code.

Tinder subscription pricing

If a Tinder user doesn’t want to pay for the spendy Tinder SELECT, they can choose the basic level of Tinder or they can subscribe to Tinder+, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum, each with its own pricing and special features. Tinder’s website includes several pages about subscription options, but pricing is mysterious. The product pages, help pages and comparison grid show features but none of them show prices unless the user creates an account. The account itself is free, but users cannot do much unless they subscribe.

VIDA Select shares the following pricing for Tinder tiers, as of 2023.

Subscription LengthTinder Plus 2023
Price Per Month
Tinder Gold 2023
Price Per Month
Tinder Platinum 2023
Price Per Month
1 month$7.99$24.99$29.99
6 months$4.00$12.50$15.00
12 months$2.67$8.33$10.00

Insider Take

This is an interesting revamp since the original version of Tinder SELECT was launched in 2017. At that time, the secret members-only Tinder SELECT tier was reserved for elite users like CEOs, super models, and hyperactive/upwardly affluent types, according to TechCrunch. Tinder wouldn’t even admit it existed. It was hidden unless you were part of the elite group.

We are guessing that the revamp was necessary because the first version didn’t yield the response they’d hoped for. We aren’t convinced this new-and-improved version of SELECT will be successful, but we give them credit for trying. Perhaps that’s why there was the slow lead-up until the official launch. We can’t fathom paying $500 a month to find love (or lust), but Tinder thinks there is a market for it.

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