Netflix Ends Grandfathered Apple Billing for Legacy Subscribers

Subscribers previously on old Apple in-app payment plan must now pay directly through Netflix.

Netflix has confirmed to The Verge the termination of grandfathered billing agreements for customers who were paying for the service through Apple’s iTunes. This move forces long-standing subscribers to transition to direct payments if they wish to continue their service. The decision affects users who had maintained their subscriptions since before Netflix ceased new in-app subscription options in 2018, allowing them to avoid the service’s recent price hikes.

This change marks the end of an era for legacy subscribers who were able to retain their $9.99 price point for the ad-free plan, a significant discount compared to the current rates of $15.49 for HD content and $22.99 for 4K viewing. Those unwilling to adapt to the new pricing model have the option to select a cheaper, ad-supported tier at $6.99, though this comes with a downgrade in service quality.

Netflix’s decision underscores the ongoing contention between streaming services and Apple’s App Store fees, which claim up to 30% of in-app payments. By circumventing these fees, Netflix aims to retain a larger portion of its subscription revenues. However, this shift leaves affected subscribers facing sudden service interruptions and the inconvenience of updating their payment methods, as noted in reports from both Apple Insider and iMore.

The impact of this change extends beyond mere financial adjustments for users. It disrupts the convenience of managing subscriptions through the Apple ecosystem, which has been highlighted as a significant loss for consumers accustomed to centralized billing and subscription management.


Netflix’s latest policy shift reflects a broader trend in the digital subscription landscape, where major content providers are increasingly resisting the financial and operational constraints imposed by platform gatekeepers like Apple. While financially beneficial for Netflix, this move may alienate a segment of its customer base, particularly those who value the simplicity and security of in-app payments.

The long-term effects of this decision will likely depend on subscriber reactions and whether they view the inconvenience of switching payment methods as a justifiable trade-off for continued access to Netflix’s content library. Additionally, this situation may prompt other service providers to reevaluate their own billing practices, potentially leading to a more fragmented and complex subscription management landscape for consumers.

This development also underscores the evolving dynamics between content providers and platform operators, suggesting that the struggle for control over revenue and customer relationships will continue to shape the digital services ecosystem.

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