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Peacock, NBCU’s Streaming Service, Gains 4 Million Subscribers in Q3, Reinforces Strategy for Growth

As Comcast Reports Q3 Earnings, Peacock Surges with a 64% Revenue Increase.
Source: Peacock

NBCUniversal’s Peacock, a rising star in the competitive landscape, has reported a surge of 4 million new paid subscribers during the third quarter. As the streaming service reaches 28 million subscribers in total, it’s evident that Peacock’s approach to growth is beginning to pay off.

Peacock’s significant growth, marked by 4 million new subscribers in Q3, underscores its competitive positioning in the streaming market. While it currently trails some major competitors like HBO Max and Disney+, Peacock’s strategic shift toward driving paid subscriptions is yielding promising results.

This surge in subscribers has not only propelled Peacock’s reach but also contributed to a substantial revenue increase. Peacock reported a 64% year-over-year revenue growth, reaching $830 million during the quarter, with reduced losses compared to the previous year.


It’s important to note that Peacock’s journey isn’t without challenges. The ad-supported tier and the increasingly crowded streaming landscape present hurdles to overcome. Despite a strong Q3, the domestic advertising revenue saw an 8% drop to $1.9 billion. Comcast will likely address this topic during its earnings call with Wall Street analysts.

Peacock’s strategy, evolving from free, ad-supported content to driving paid subscriptions, has set the stage for its impressive subscriber growth. The focus on original programming and exclusive content has played a pivotal role in its progress. As it continues to adapt to market dynamics, Peacock is making a compelling case for its future in the streaming industry, ultimately contributing to NBCUniversal’s goals in the world of streaming.

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