Recurly Continues C-Suite Expansion with New Chief Customer Officer Appointment

Recurly Adds Seasoned Executives to Elevate Customer Success and Marketing Growth, Following CEO Change

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Recurly, a leading subscription management and billing platform, yesterday announced the appointment of Rachel Sheriff as the new Chief Customer Officer (CCO). This move is part of a broader effort to revamp the C-suite that began in January with the appointment of Joe Rohrlich as CEO and Lina Tonk as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Rachel Sheriff, Chief Customer Officer (CCO), Recurly

Rachel Sheriff brings over two decades of experience in customer experience (CX) and customer success, having previously held senior leadership positions at Eptura, LogicMonitor, Accruent, and Bazaarvoice. As CCO, Sheriff will lead Recurly’s customer success, technical support, and professional services teams, aiming to enhance the value delivered to customers and support innovation and growth across the company.

Sheriff expressed her enthusiasm about joining Recurly, stating, “Great CX leaves you feeling seen, heard, and appreciated. As CCO, my team and I are guardians of that experience. Recurly’s customer-centric approach aligns with my passion to partner with customers throughout their lifecycle journey.”

CEO Joe Rohrlich highlighted the strategic importance of Sheriff’s appointment: “I’m thrilled to welcome Rachel to the team and bring the voice of the customer to executive leadership discussions. Her experience and passion for championing the customer will be invaluable as we continue to focus on growth and delivering exceptional value to our customers and partners.”

Lina Tonk, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Recurly

In addition to Sheriff, Recurly appointed Lina Tonk as CMO in April. Tonk, an accomplished software commercial leader, brings a wealth of experience in marketing leadership from her previous roles at isolved and other high-growth software companies. Her addition to the team is expected to accelerate Recurly’s growth by driving the company’s go-to-market strategy, demand generation, product marketing, brand expansion, and advocacy.

Tonk commented on her new role, “From the moment I met with Recurly, I knew there was something extraordinary about the company. The innovation Recurly is bringing to the subscription industry is unmatched, and it’s a privilege to join forces with this team.”

Joe Rohrlich, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Recurly

These leadership changes follow the appointment of Joe Rohrlich as CEO in January 2024, succeeding co-founder Dan Burkhart, who served as CEO for over 14 years. Burkhart, who was instrumental in building Recurly from concept to profitability and overseeing more than $12 billion in annualized transaction volume, continues to contribute to the company as a board member.


Recurly’s recent changes in the C-suite appear to be a strategic move aimed at fortifying the company’s leadership and driving growth in the competitive subscription management industry:

  • Strengthening Customer Focus: The appointment of Rachel Sheriff as Chief Customer Officer highlights Recurly’s commitment to enhancing customer experience (CX). With her extensive background in building and scaling global customer success organizations, Sheriff is well-positioned to ensure that Recurly remains customer-centric, which is crucial for retaining and expanding its user base. Her role will likely involve not only improving direct customer interactions but also ensuring that customer feedback informs product development and strategic decisions.
  • Boosting Marketing and Brand Presence: Lina Tonk’s addition as Chief Marketing Officer signals Recurly’s intent to amplify its market presence and drive demand generation. Tonk’s experience in high-growth software companies and her expertise in building customer- and partner-centric teams will be invaluable as Recurly looks to expand its market reach. Her role in shaping the company’s go-to-market strategy and enhancing brand visibility will be critical in differentiating Recurly from its competitors.
  • Leadership Stability and Vision: The transition from co-founder Dan Burkhart to Joe Rohrlich as CEO represents a significant leadership change. Rohrlich’s track record in scaling technology companies and driving growth positions him well to lead Recurly through its next phase. His vision for the company, combined with his dynamic leadership style, aligns with Recurly’s strategic objectives of delivering exceptional value and fostering sustainable growth.
  • Continuity and Innovation: While the leadership changes bring fresh perspectives and new strategies, the continued involvement of Dan Burkhart as a board member ensures continuity. Burkhart’s deep understanding of the company and the industry will provide valuable insights and guidance, helping to balance innovation with the company’s established strengths.
  • Market Position and Future Growth: These executive changes come at a time when the subscription industry is evolving rapidly. Recurly’s focus on enhancing customer experience, expanding its marketing efforts, and leveraging experienced leadership is likely to strengthen its position in the market. By addressing scalability issues and investing in a robust subscription management platform, Recurly aims to empower brands to optimize their subscription operations and achieve predictable revenue growth.

Recurly’s recent C-suite appointments reflect a deliberate strategy to enhance its leadership team with experienced professionals who can drive customer-centric growth and market expansion. These changes are expected to bolster Recurly’s ability to innovate, meet customer needs, and maintain a competitive edge in the subscription management industry.

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