Data Content 2011 Show Notes: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile & also Patrick Spain

Dan Savage Managing Partner of Resolute Digital got laughs when he said, “It seems like the topics have been mobile all day long so

Dan Savage Managing Partner of Resolute Digital got laughs when he said, “It seems like the topics have been mobile all day long so far!” Seems like mobile has become so central to nearly every data publisher’s future, that no matter what the each Data Content 2011 speaker was officially presenting on, mobile snuck in somehow.Some show highlights:- Apps may have more impact than a mobile site currently (so if you only have time to develop one or the other, Savage recommends you go for the app). But Apple’s currently so backlogged, it can take up to 90 days to get a developer account set up with them. Get your account now if you’re planning on early 2012 launches.- iPads may become the B2B device of choice, but mostly in larger companies which have distributed sales and/or service forces. In other words, the intranet platform of the future for staff who work outside a main office. A lot of content is still sold to Intranets (think billions globally.) B2BAnywhere is offering a free app to play with if you have a catalog you’d like to put on iPads for your sales reps.- Patrick Spain who has a bit of experience in making online content pay (former CEO Hoover’s, former CEO HighBeam Research, and Exec Chairman of Newser) is jumping into the health content world with his launch First Stop Health. We’re excited about this – and not just because of the inevitable mobile component- because paid health content is one of the few content categories that never really made the leap from print to Web. (The ad cash tsunami from big pharmas erased out paid content Models aside from ConsumerReports’ launch last year.) Patrick’s idea – some free content at the wide end of the funnel and then get readers to upgrade for ‘concierge-style’ health advice.We love this, not only because consumers deserve non-sponsored health content, but also because this model might have legs for other content niches.

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