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Butter is ending involuntary churn for subscription brands by recovering failed payments and subscribers faster, and more efficiently, delivering 5%+ ARR growth.

Every 90 seconds a payment fails and you lose money. Most subscription businesses see ~50% of churn due to failed payments. Businesses like yours lose 9-11% of their revenue for this one reason. Butter is where churn ends, recovering failed payments faster, and more efficiently, typically leading to 5%+ increase in ARR.

Using AI and machine learning, Butter optimizes your payment recovery strategy based on your business—your subscription(s), your customer, your payment stack and processes to maximize the recovery of revenue and customers. By partnering with Butter, merchants can enhance their payment health, increase retention, and deliver revenue faster to accelerate growth and maximize profits.

Free Payment Health Analysis


We will review 1 year of payment data to help you discover exactly:

  • How much revenue you’ve lost in the last year due to involuntary churn,
  • Why payments are failing & specific tactics to optimize your recovery strategy, and
  • An ROI guarantee on the amount of revenue and ARR growth you’ll see.

This is normally a $10-20k cost via a consultant organization.
Please contact us at hello@butterpayments.com to get started!


Butter Payments Recover

Butter converts failed payments from revenue losses into growth opportunities. Our system recovers lost revenue and enhances payment health by addressing the root causes behind payment failures.

How do we do it?

We build and deploy custom machine learning algorithms that analyze each individual failed payment, enabling us to determine the optimal approach and timing for retrying the transaction. Unlike traditional retry solutions that employ a generic “one-size-fits-all” approach, our tailored approach ensures that you’re not leaving any revenue left on the table.

Intelligently tackling failed payments and payment health leads to:

  • Reduced Churn Rates – Reducing customers lost to failed payments decreases churn – and the impacts compound over time
  • Increased LTV: CAC Ratio – With fewer customers churning due to failed payments, your overall LTV improves.
  • Increased Topline ARR – More revenue recovered from failed payments leads to 5%-10% more revenue for the business.


Learn More about Recovering Failed Payments!

Butter CEO and Founder, Vijay Menon,
“What is Accidental Churn?”

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