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Stop wasting money on credit card interchange and avoid the risk of accepting ACH.

Link Money provides open-banking solutions that allow businesses to save up to 70% on payment processing fees.  Our flagship consumer-facing brand, LinkPay, enables customers to pay directly with their bank accounts. Consumers can make subscription payments, renew, and make one-time purchases with unprecedented ease. We give consumers, and businesses, control over how their information is being used while also allowing them to unlock additional economic benefits.  

About Link Money Merchant Product Offerings:

Pay by Bank

Pay by Bank allows your customers to seamlessly pay directly, from their bank account. Expensive processing fees are destroying your bottom line. Our Pay by Bank product offers competitive pricing and will lower your transaction costs, no matter what your current payment solution is. Our Pay by Bank solution allows you to accelerate your business’s savings while providing a simple and secure experience for your customers.
  • Link Money covers funds for certain return codes due to our effective intelligence model.
  • Fewer returns: Strong customer authentication minimizes the risk of unauthorized transactions.
  • Reliable connections to 3,400+ U.S. banks” We partner with the majority of retail financial institutions in the U.S. and are continuing to expand our reach.


Verify your customers’ bank accounts quickly and compliantly. Introducing AccountVerify – a fast, easy verification solution to ensure that your customers are connecting real bank accounts.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and human error: Ensure an account is legitimate before authorizing a transaction.
  • Adhere to compliance requirements: Meet Nacha’s Account Validation rule.
  • Get payment details upfront: Receive account and routing numbers for payment purposes.

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