Subscription Show 2020 Q&A with CEO Kathy Greenler Sexton

Subscription Show 2020 Preview: What to Expect

Subscription Insider and Authority Media CEO Kathy Greenler Sexton shares some highlights of Subscription Show 2020, which starts October 5.

Q1: This will be the second year for Subscription Show. Why was it important to you to continue with plans for the show, despite the pandemic?

A: Now more than ever, it’s imperative for leaders in the subscription economy to understand how all the tremendous changes we are seeing on a global scale are impacting each of our businesses. Subscription Show features respected industry leaders who are navigating these challenges successfully, researchers who are helping us understand subscription-specific trends, and experts in subscription business strategy, payment optimization, marketing, retention, product strategy, technology and more.  There are issues businesses will need to navigate and prepare for as they enter 2021 even in the segments of the subscription economy where companies are doing well at the moment.

Q2: You’ve been planning Subscription Show 2020 since last year’s event. What are you most excited about this year?

A: There are a LOT of things I am excited for.  First and foremost, I am excited about all the information we will be sharing during the 65 keynotes, sessions and workshops and 25 vendor demos. We are known for delivering actionable info that executives can put into action right away for improved results in their businesses – that makes me very proud!

Kathy Greenler Sexton

One unique element this year is our Coaching Zone. We have coaches who are experts in payment optimization, retention and subscriber journey optimization, business models, payment technology and more.  Attendees will be able to set up 1:1 coaching meetings, and I know they will get a lot out of these sessions.

You know what else I am excited about? Our networking lounge! That is going to be a fun, interactive place to hang out, and it’s based in virtual clubbing technology.  Everyone we have shown this too LOVES it, so be sure to join us!

Q3: You’ve attracted some very big names in the subscription and payments industries to be part of Subscription Show 2020. Tell us more about what virtual conference participants can expect, starting October 5.

A: VISA, Mastercard and American Express will be discussing programs they have working specifically with recurring-billing merchants.  This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from them and ask questions that anyone running and operating a subscription business should not pass up.

We’ve got some great keynotes that have great industry intel and insights to share, including Geoff Colvin (Fortune magazine and CBS Radio), Rafat Ali (Skift), Richard Kestenbaum (Triangle Capital LLC), Robbie Kellman Baxter (Peninsula Strategies), Anthony Napolitano (HP Inc)., Sharath Dorbala (Vindicia), Robin Lewis (The Robin Report), Anne Janzer (award-winning author of Subscription Marketing) and Edward Roussel (Dow Jones).

Other big names you can expect to hear from at Subscription Show 2020 are Newsday, Le Tote, Freshly, Six Flags, Digiday, Winc Wines, PupBox, Harper Collins, J. P. Morgan, Wiland, House of Kaizen and more. You can see the full line-up at Subscription Show 202. Another key highlight is Lisa Dubrow, Esquire, who will give us some of the latest compliance news that is important to subscription companies. Check out our Program, Agenda and Speakers pages at for details about sessions and speakers.

Q4: Kathy, you’ve said Subscription Show will be unlike any virtual conference participants have attended in the past. How will it be different? Please share some highlights you’re excited about.

We will deliver substantive content — not fluff.  Beyond the content, from an experience standpoint, we have worked very hard to create experiences where people can connect personally to start and grow relationships. 

One of the biggest complaints I have heard about virtual conferences is the lack of “serendipity moments” — those moments where you bump into someone, start a conversation and the next thing you know you are either best friends or you just closed a big deal. So we worked hard on creating meaingful experiences from our networking lounge, speed networking and even some fun and games. Just because the conference is virtual doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Our 3D Exhibit hall, complete with vendor demos!

Q5: What can participants expect at a virtual conference. How do they participate?

A: To join Subscription Show 2020 online, participants will go to On the days of the conference (October 5-7 and 13-15, noon to 4:30 p.m. EDT), they will use that page to join keynotes, sessions and roundtable discussions. They can walk through our 3D exhibit hall, see vendor demos, enter the networking lounge, or even participate in speed networking or the Fun Zone.

Q6: We are intrigued by the Fun Zone. Can you tell us more about that?

We wanted to have a way for people to meet in a different way than our networking lounge, speed networking or even round table discussions – we wanted people to have some fun together! Expect some scavenger hunts and other games and activities!

Q7: Let’s say someone wants to attend Subscription Show 2020, but they aren’t available to join the live sessions. Can they still participate? What are their options?

If they can’t attend all the sessions, but still want on-demand access to Subscription Show 2020’s 65 workshops and sessions, 35+ vendor demos, they can choose VIP or On-Demand Only tickets. We also offer Day Passes! Visit our Tickets page at to see the different options available. Have questions? Email us at

Q8: Where can participants learn more about Subscription Show 2020 or buy tickets for the event?

They can find all the details at

Q9: Do attendees need any special equipment, software or apps to participate in the Subscription Show 2020?

All conference attendees need is an internet connection and a browser at a minimum. The one thing that is unique about Subscription Show is that we will have a lot of video (face-to-face) discussions and networking, so while not required, using the mic and camera in your laptop will really help your experience.

When attendees “go to the conference,” they will go to to access all the keynotes, breakout sessions, 1:1 coaching sessions (they need to sign up in advance), networking, our exhibit hall and more.

Q10: Is it too late to sign up for Subscription Show 2020?

A: Not at all! I expect people will be signing up even after the conference has started!  That is one of the benefits of participating in a virtual conference, you can sign up really at any time.

We have a number of different types of tickets options:

  • KEYNOTE Tickets ⬌ All keynotes throughout the virtual conference.
  • LIVE Tickets ⬌ Keynotes, breakout sessions, coaching, networking, and playbacks until the end of the conference.
  • VIP Tickets ⬌  All LIVE ticket benefits, plus special VIP events and Subscription Show 2020 On-Demand access to all conference sessions with no expiration date! (best value).
  • DAY PASSES ⬌ LIVE ticket access on a given date.
  • ON-DEMAND ⬌ Unlimited access to Subscription Show 2020 On-Demand starting the week of Oct. 19th, includes 65 educational workshops and sessions, plus 25 vendor demos!

Your Subscription Show 2020 ticket grants you access to 24 hours of keynotes and sessions either live or on-demand to fit your schedule, 1:1 30-minute coaching sessions with executives in your niche, face-to-face and 1:1 networking opportunities, and real-time insight on current trends to help you develop a strategic action plan for 2021.

Q11: Is there anything else you want to share about Subscription Show 2020?

A. Yes! I want to thank all of our sponsors and the Subscription Insider team for helping make Subscription Show 2020 possible and for being willing to reimagine what a virtual conference can be. This event is going to fun, exciting and chock-full of great, actionable content. Please join us!

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