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SHL Telemedicine Launches SmartHeart® Direct-to-Consumer Subscription for At-Home Cardiac Care

Revolutionizing Heart Health: Subscription Program Offers Convenient Access to Professional Cardiac Care from the Comfort of Home

SHL Telemedicine Ltd. has unveiled its SmartHeart® membership program in the United States, signaling a significant leap in at-home cardiac care accessibility. Available at, the program is a part of SHL’s Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) initiative, offering consumers a comprehensive subscription service for professional cardiac care.

The SmartHeart® membership introduces a portable 12-lead ECG device paired with round-the-clock interpretations by board-certified cardiologists and on-demand telehealth visits. Designed to simplify conducting a full 12-lead ECG at home, this initiative aims to provide convenient and reliable heart health management, meeting the diverse needs of today’s healthcare consumers.

Erez Nachtomy, CEO of SHL Telemedicine, highlighted the program’s practicality, stating, “This service marks a significant milestone in bringing accessible care and reassurance to individuals, making cardiac health more approachable for everyone.”

The SmartHeart® device as shown on the website on Nov. 27. 2023


Currently available in select states, interested individuals can sign up for notifications regarding SmartHeart® availability in their area via the program’s website. Pricing structures for those with current access vary, catering to individual needs. The current offering includes a one-time $35 set-up fee, no charge for the SmartHeart® device, and a monthly fee of $89 for the first year, later adjusting to $109 with automatic renewal.

Website pricing as of Nov 27, 2023, with limited-lime “Black Friday” offer.


About SHL Telemedicine

SHL Telemedicine Ltd. specializes in developing and marketing personal telemedicine solutions, focusing primarily on cardiovascular and related diseases. The company offers services and personal telemedicine devices to patients, healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics, utilizing telephonic and internet communication technology.

Founded in 1987, SHL has continually evolved, aiming to advance telemedicine’s role in improving people’s quality of life. The recent SmartHeart® membership launch aligns with SHL’s dedication to bridging healthcare gaps and revolutionizing cardiac care accessibility.

The move into D2C services with the SmartHeart® Membership reflects SHL Telemedicine’s commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and leveraging technology for effective at-home cardiac care. Recent announcements support this strategic initiative:

  • SHL established a comprehensive network of cardiologists, catering to the needs of B2B clientele and supporting D2C sales of SmartHeart® technology across the US.

  • Positive results from recent SmartHeart® trials conducted by Mayo Clinic and Imperial College London demonstrated significant reductions in emergency room visits, hospital readmissions, and healthcare utilization costs for post-MI patients.

  • SHL investments in logistics, administrative platforms, and infrastructures to facilitate seamless D2C sales of SmartHeart® technology across the US.


SHL Telemedicine’s foray into D2C services with the SmartHeart® Membership signifies a strategic shift toward democratizing specialized cardiac care access. The move emphasizes:

  • Accessibility: Breaking barriers to cardiac care by empowering individuals to manage heart health from home.

  • Consumer Empowerment: Offering a portable ECG device and expert telehealth support, fostering proactive healthcare management.

  • Market Opportunity: Recognizing the growing demand for remote health monitoring, capitalizing on the trend towards home-based medical solutions.

  • Value Proposition: Flexible subscription plans cater to various needs and affordability levels, ensuring inclusivity in healthcare.

The SmartHeart® Membership launch anticipates a substantial impact in bridging healthcare accessibility gaps, empowering individuals to take control of their cardiac health from the comfort of their homes. With that, understanding how consumers subscribe to this innovative offering and how it will contribute to SHL Telemedicine’s overall business remains to be seen.

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