Target Rolls Out Circle 360 Subscription to Compete with Amazon Prime

Target Introduces $49 Annual Subscription Offering Expedited Delivery to Challenge Amazon’s Dominance

Target Corporation is stepping up its game in the e-commerce battle with the upcoming launch of its subscription service, Target Circle 360, on April 7. Priced at $49 for the initial year, this program is designed to undercut the competition, specifically aiming at Amazon Prime’s consumer base by providing comparable delivery perks at a lower price point. Following the promotional period ending May 18, the subscription fee will rise to $99 per year for those without a Target-affiliated credit or debit card.

The core of Target Circle 360’s offering lies in its promise of speed and convenience: members will benefit from free same-day delivery (with a $ 25 minimum) through Target’s acquisition, Shipt, which also offers access to over 100 additional retail partners. The subscription also offers free 2-day shipping, with no minimum order value required—a move aimed at improving Target’s competitive edge.

The initiative is more than an addition to Target’s service roster; it represents a strategic repositioning designed to challenge Amazon and Walmart’s stronghold in the rapid delivery sector. By integrating Shipt’s capabilities and removing the order minimum for free shipping, Target is directly targeting the convenience that has made Amazon Prime a household name.

However, this service isn’t just about matching Amazon’s delivery options. It marks an evolution in Target’s approach to e-commerce, marrying its online and brick-and-mortar operations more seamlessly. This strategy reflects the changing retail landscape where traditional lines between physical and online stores are increasingly blurred.

Despite Target’s move, industry analysts remain cautiously optimistic. They point out the saturated subscription market and the challenge of convincing consumers to add another annual fee to their budgets. The true test for Target Circle 360 will be its ability to offer more than just fast shipping—a challenge given the comprehensive nature of Amazon Prime’s associated benefits.

CEO Brian Cornell emphasized that this launch does not detract from Target’s commitment to its physical stores. Instead, it complements their strategy, aiming to enhance the shopping experience across all platforms. Target’s brick-and-mortar locations continue to be a critical component of their business model, with plans for significant expansion underscoring this point.

With fourth-quarter earnings reflecting a robust financial performance, Target is positioning itself for a more aggressive stance in the e-commerce domain. The success of Circle 360 could redefine Target’s place in the retail hierarchy and present a significant challenge to Amazon Prime’s dominance.


Target’s Circle 360 moves to claim a larger share of the competitive e-commerce market, dominated by giants like Amazon and Walmart. The service’s lower introductory price and promise of expedited delivery directly challenge Amazon Prime’s established customer base.

However, the venture into this crowded subscription space is not without its risks. The program’s long-term success will depend on Target’s ability to differentiate itself beyond delivery speed and to integrate value-added services that resonate with a financially conscious and subscription-weary consumer base.

In essence, Circle 360 reflects Target’s broader strategy to adapt to a retail environment where the convenience of online shopping and the experience of in-store purchases are increasingly interconnected. The effectiveness of this strategy in shifting consumer loyalty away from Amazon will be a key metric in assessing the program’s impact on Target’s market position and its ability to disrupt the current e-commerce hierarchy.

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