Mastercard Launches Smart Subscriptions to Streamline Subscription Management for Bank Customers

New open-banking solution aims to simplify recurring payment control, enhancing user financial management and bank loyalty.

Mastercard Helps Connect Unemployed with Services, Money and Jobs Through OnwardUSMastercard has officially announced the launch of Smart Subscriptions, a new service designed to help consumers better manage their various subscriptions through their bank’s existing applications. The solution, powered by open banking technology from Mastercard’s Finicity, aims to consolidate subscription management, spend analysis, and personalized offers into one seamless user experience.

As part of Mastercard’s expanding portfolio, Smart Subscriptions builds on the 2023-introduced Subscriptions Control solution, enhancing its capabilities to allow users to not only cancel, pause, and resume subscriptions but also to gain insights into their spending behaviors and receive tailored offers. This new offering reflects a growing demand among consumers for tools to help manage recurring payments, with 73% of respondents in a Mastercard survey expressing interest in such a solution, and 60% trusting their banks to provide it.

Smart Subscriptions stands out by integrating various accounts into a single hub, leveraging the breadth of Mastercard’s open banking technology. The solution is designed to be network- and payment-agnostic, enabling any financial institution to adopt the service with minimal effort through a single API. This approach not only aims to enhance consumer financial wellness but also to foster greater loyalty and engagement between banks and their customers, potentially reducing chargebacks and associated costs.

The initiative addresses a growing issue among consumers who, in the wake of a surge in subscription-based services, often find themselves losing track of recurring payments. This has led to a demand for better financial tools to manage these expenses effectively. Mastercard’s solution seems to offer a comprehensive response, providing users with a clear overview of their subscriptions, including detailed payment histories, upcoming bills, and the ability to manage their subscriptions directly from their banking apps.

However, Mastercard is not alone in addressing this market need. Visa, one of its main competitors, has previously shown interest in this space, investing in Minna Technologies in 2021. Minna Technologies offers similar functionalities, allowing bank customers to manage their subscriptions directly from their banking applications. This move by Mastercard can be seen as an attempt to catch up with such existing services, indicating a broader trend in the financial services industry towards providing more comprehensive consumer-facing subscription management tools.


Mastercard’s launch of Smart Subscriptions appears to be a strategic response to the evolving demands of the digital consumer and a step towards solidifying its position in the competitive payments landscape. By integrating open banking technology, Mastercard aims to provide a more holistic financial management experience, which could enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty towards both the banks and Mastercard itself.

However, this move also underscores the increasing importance of consumer-facing subscription management services in the financial sector, reflecting a shift towards more customer-centric banking experiences. As consumers continue to embrace digital services, the ability to manage financial commitments conveniently becomes crucial. Mastercard’s entry into this space not only acknowledges this shift but also highlights the ongoing competition among payment processors to offer value-added services beyond traditional payment facilitation.

The success of Smart Subscriptions will likely hinge on its adoption by banks and its effectiveness in enhancing customer financial management. As the service rolls out, it will be interesting to observe how Mastercard differentiates itself from competitors like Minna Technologies and how this impacts the broader ecosystem of financial services. 

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