FTC Distributes $5.6 Million in Refunds to Ring Customers Following Privacy Breach Settlement

Over 117,000 consumers receive PayPal payments as compensation for unauthorized access to their video feeds by employees and hackers.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has begun issuing refunds totaling over $5.6 million to consumers, a resolution stemming from a 2023 settlement with the home security company Ring. This move comes after allegations that Ring allowed employees and contractors to access customers’ private videos without consent and failed to establish necessary security measures, which subsequently led to unauthorized external access, including by hackers.

The complaint, initially brought forward in May 2023, outlined that Ring did not adequately restrict access to video data and used customer videos to enhance their algorithms without obtaining user consent. This lack of privacy controls reportedly enabled egregious privacy violations, including instances where hackers gained control of consumer accounts, cameras, and videos.

As a part of the settlement, Ring, now owned by Amazon, agreed to delete illegally obtained content and institute more robust security protocols. Additionally, the company was mandated to compensate affected customers financially. According to the FTC, these payments are now being disbursed through PayPal to 117,044 consumers who owned specific Ring devices, such as indoor cameras, during the period these breaches occurred. The recipients are urged to claim their refunds within 30 days.

For further inquiries, customers are directed to contact the refund administrator, Rust Consulting, Inc. at 1-833-637-4884, or visit the FTC’s official website, which includes FAQs about the refund process. Notably, the FTC emphasizes that it does not require payment or personal account information from consumers to receive these refunds.

This refund initiative is part of a broader FTC effort that returned $324 million to consumers nationwide in 2023, following various enforcement actions.


The FTC’s stringent action against Ring underscores a growing regulatory focus on consumer privacy and data security in the tech industry. This case highlights the risks associated with inadequate internal controls and the potential repercussions businesses face, including significant financial penalties and mandatory operational changes. For other tech companies, it’s a reminder of the importance of robust privacy safeguards and transparent data usage policies. The FTC’s proactive refund strategy not only aims to compensate affected individuals but also to restore public trust in digital commerce and technology’s role in personal security. 

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