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Weekly Subscription News: Podcasts, Penalties and Privacy

Featuring Hey Dude, Bumble, The Economist and Twitter

This week’s subscription headlines feature podcast subscriptions, FTC penalties and data privacy. Hey Dude has been ordered to pay $1.95M to the FTC for suppressing negative reviews and other violations. Meanwhile, Bumble changes its policy to reduce or eliminate bots, ghosting and doxing, and the FTC says Elon Musk may have jeopardized data privacy and security at Twitter, now X.

Hey Dude to Pay $1.95M to FTC for Suppressing Negative Review & Other Violations

Bumble Changes Its Policy to Crack Down on Bots, Ghosting and Doxing

FTC Says Elon Musk ‘May Have Jeopardized Data Privacy and Security’ at Twitter

Civic-Minded ‘Colorado Sun’ Acquires Suburban Newspaper Chain

Kaspersky Releases New Subscription Tracking App SubsCrab
PR Newswire

The Economist Adds Podcast Subscription Tier

Knight Foundation Announces $150M Anchor Investment in $500M ‘Press Forward’ Initiative
Knight Foundation

Disney and Spectrum Reach a New Deal That Includes Disney+ and ESPN Subscriptions
Insider Intelligence

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