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Weekly Subscription News: Watching, Weather and Wildfires

Featuring X, Apple, Meta, Twitch and IBM

Watching, weather and wildfires make this week’s subscription headlines. Twitch streamers can now block trolls from watching their broadcasts, IBM sells The Weather Company to a private equity firm, and Meta is getting some heat for their no-news policy in Canada as the wildfires burn. Also, Europe’s new rules for tech giants are kicking in, Twitter’s X rebrand causes a huge decrease in App Store downloads, and Apple’s 1 billion subscribers show the power of ecosystems driving customer loyalty.

Twitter’s X Name Change Led to a Huge Decrease in App Store Downloads

Apple’s 1 Billion Subscribers Show Power of Ecosystems Driving Customer Loyalty

Europe’s Sweeping Rules for Tech Giants Are About to Kick In
Associated Press

Meta Slammed for No-News Policy in Canada as Wildfires Burn
Media Post

Why Do Investors Care So Much About LTV:CAC?
Andreessen Horowitz

YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket Includes Live Chat and Highlights in Shorts

Twitch Streamers Can Finally Keep Banned Users from Watching Their Broadcasts

IBM Is Selling The Weather Company Assets to Private Equity Firm
Associated Press

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