The 2023 Subscription Industry Research Round-Up

A Treasure Trove of Data, Trends, and Strategies for Thriving in the Subscription Economy

In the fast-evolving subscription industry, staying informed is paramount to success. Your competitive edge lies in knowledge, and we’ve curated an extensive collection of insights and data from industry experts, vendors, consulting firms, and more.

Our aim is to equip you with the strategic tools and benchmarks needed to navigate your subscription business. In this October update, we cover: 

  • Subscription Economy: Benchmarking data and trends in subscription businesses.
  • In-App Subscriptions: Gain insights into the state of in-app subscriptions.
  • Consumer Behavior: Explore what motivates consumers to subscribe and pay for various services.
  • Streaming Trends: Dive into statistics and facts shaping the video and music streaming industry.
  • Loyalty Programs: Discover what consumers think about subscription-based loyalty.
  • Generational Insights: Understand the subscription habits of Generation Z.
  • SaaS Products: Explore the importance of SaaS products for small businesses.
  • Technology Trends: Stay updated on the latest technology trends impacting companies.
  • Subscription Cars: Examine how online sales and subscriptions are shaping the car financing journey.
  • Email Marketing: Access statistics and insights for email marketing in 2023.

Company Research Description

Reuters Institute


Paying for news: Price-conscious consumers look for value amid cost-of-living crisis

This report uses survey data from 20 countries and qualitative research from the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), and Germany to explore who is paying for news content online, which publications they pay for, how much they pay, and what motivations they have for subscribing or donating to news.



35 Streaming Services Statistics for 2023: Deep Dive Into Video & Music Streaming

Streaming services come in all shapes and sizes, with some providing only on-demand content and others adding live TV and local channels. Then there’s the music streaming scene, with both free and paid options letting you listen to your favorite songs on pretty much any device.
We go over different streaming statistics and facts to show how the online streaming world has reshaped the video and music industry.



2023 Paid Enrollment: What Consumers Think About Subscription-based Loyalty

Key findings from the data study include: 64% of existing loyalty members would sign up for a valuable paid enrollment. 60% of consumers are interested in free loyalty programs that offer paid enrollment benefits. 74% of consumers indicated that discounts on products (i.e. a restaurant subscription that gives free drinks or discounted menu items) would incentivize them to sign up for a paid enrollment. 71% of consumers are likely to recommend subscription products they’re excited about to friends and family. 28% of consumers say their preferred brands don’t offer paid enrollment.



Gen Z’s Fickle Subscription Habits: A Double-Edged Sword for Subscription Services

As streaming services and other subscription-based brands jostle for market space, new research highlights an unexpected challenge: the unpredictable subscription habits of Generation Z. Recurly, a leading subscription management and billing platform, today announced the release of its report, Boomers to Gen Z: A Guide to Subscriber Preferences, revealing the generational differences in consumer behavior from more than 6,500 subscribers in six countries.



State of in-app subscriptions in the US 2023

The most comprehensive and representative report featuring the latest benchmarks on iOS subscription LTV, retention, renewals, refund rates, price changes, and the best-performing paywalls.

B2B Reviews


State of SaaS Subscriptions

SaaS products span industries and applications—everything from payroll software to sales to communication. Let’s discover which products are the most important to small businesses.



McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2023

Which technology trends matter most for companies in 2023? New analysis by the McKinsey Technology Council highlights the development, possible uses, and industry effects of advanced technologies.

Simon Kucher


Global Streaming Study for 2023 

Our latest Global Streaming Study reveals that people are not increasing their streaming hours anymore. And consumers are not only stepping back from streaming ‘more’ but also battling subscription fatigue and increasing price sensitivity. Can streaming service providers prevent subscription churn and still gain customers in this market?



The 2023 State of Subscriptions

Strategies, trends & predictions for subscription growth from leading brands

Insider Intelligence


US Subscription E-commerce 2023

What Will Succeed in the Era of Subscription Fatigue? In the current era of economic uncertainty, successful subscription models will focus on value and convenience for replenishable household goods. But to earn subscription revenues, brands, and retailers will have to go against Amazon and its growing Subscribe & Save business.



The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2023

Email Marketing Stat Highlights for 2023 General Email Marketing Statistics AI Email Marketing Statistics B2B Email Marketing Statistics Mobile Marketing Statistics B2C Email Marketing Statistics Email Marketing Demographics for 2023

Minna Technologies


Subscription Economy: Business Barometer

Performance benchmarking data, insights, and trends from a survey with 100+ US and UK subscription business executives.



The 27 Must-Know Subscription Economy Statistics in 2023

27 subscription economy statistics are an essential read compiled by Courses.



The State of Organizations 2023

This report explores the ten most significant shifts facing organizations today:

  • Increasing speed, strengthening, resilience
  • ‘True hybrid’: The new balance of in-person and remote work
  • Making way for applied AI
  • New rules of attraction, retention, and attrition
  • Closing the capability chasm
  • Walking the talent tightrope
  • Leadership that is self-aware and inspiring
  • Making meaningful progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Mental health: Investing in a portfolio of interventionsEfficiency reloaded



Subscription Economy Index™

Zuora’s latest Subscription Economy Index™ (SEI) report found that subscription-based companies in the SEI have experienced 3.7x faster growth rates than the S&P 500 over the past 11 years.



Online sales and subscriptions will shape tomorrow’s car financing journey

Online sales and subscriptions will shape tomorrow’s car financing journey. Fewer than 3 percent of customers say they purchase vehicles fully online, but 29 percent of consumers indicate that they want to buy their next car entirely online.

Recharge Payments


2023 State of Subscription Commerce Report

Recharge Payments’ interactive report contains key findings on subscription merchants’ performance in 2022. Drawing from an analysis of over 15,000 merchants and their active subscribers, including improvements in five key performance indicators: AOV, LTV, MRR, customer retention, and customer churn.



State of Subscription Apps 2023

RevenueCat’s aggregated data from over 22,000 subscription apps to compile a report full of subscription app insights, benchmarks, and tips from industry experts. The data spans platforms, industries, geographies, business models, and revenue scales — all focused on the subscription app economy.



FlexPay and PYMNTS release State of Subscription Business: Best Practices and Business Performance Drivers Report

The report highlights the top challenges subscription businesses expect to face in the next 12 months, with 59% citing economic downturn, followed closely by growing challenges in attracting and retaining customers, and lastly, cost increases from growing inflation.

The report also identifies critical findings that correlate with high-performing subscription companies, including: 

  • Top metrics subscription companies use to align operating teams and improve financial results 
  • The importance of measuring and managing lifetime value (LTV) to improve profitability and why this important metric is not used widely 
  • Problems in the payment systems that cause customer churn and strategies companies can use to overcome them 
  • The organizational structure that correlates with top-performing subscription businesses



Most Subscribers Feel There Are Too Many Services

More than 7 in 10 subscription users say there are “too many subscription services” now, and one-third pay for one that they never use.

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