Paramount Shuts Down Noggin, Lays Off Entire Team Amid Financial Struggles

Educational streaming service for preschoolers, Noggin, is closing down as Paramount Global aims to streamline operations and focus on Paramount+.

Paramount Global has announced the shutdown of its preschool-targeted streaming service, Noggin, as part of a broader restructuring effort within the company, The Deadline, The Streamable, and other sources are reporting. This decision comes alongside the layoff of the entire Noggin team, affecting around 800 U.S. employees, which is part of the media giant’s latest round of layoffs.

Noggin, initially launched in 1999 as a joint venture between Nickelodeon’s parent company, MTV Networks, and Sesame Workshop, transitioned to a digital subscription model in 2015. The platform offered educational content featuring popular Nick Jr. characters and has been instrumental in delivering interactive learning experiences for children aged two to seven. Despite boasting 2.5 million global subscribers in 2019 and housing over 1,000 educational games, videos, and books, the service will cease taking new subscribers and will eventually be phased out.

Noggin Website as of Feb 15, 2024

The closure of Noggin is part of Paramount Global’s strategic shift towards consolidating its streaming services and bolstering its flagship platform, Paramount+. Most of Noggin’s content has already been integrated under the Nick Jr. brand on Paramount+, although the fate of its unique interactive titles remains uncertain.

This development follows a tumultuous period for Paramount Global, characterized by financial difficulties, speculation regarding the sale of the company, and a series of high-profile layoffs. The decision to discontinue Noggin and streamline operations reflects the company’s efforts to stabilize financially and possibly prepare for a sale or acquisition.

Noggin Website as of Feb 15, 2024

Despite the discontinuation of Noggin, Paramount insists that children’s and family content remains a critical component of its strategy to attract and retain subscribers on Paramount+. Nickelodeon’s content, in particular, continues to be a significant draw for the platform, signaling the company’s commitment to this demographic.


The shutdown of Noggin represents a significant shift in Paramount Global’s approach to digital content and its broader business strategy. By consolidating services and focusing on Paramount+, the company aims to create a more streamlined, financially sustainable operation. However, this move also underscores the challenges faced by traditional media companies as they navigate the highly competitive streaming landscape.

The decision reflects broader trends in the industry, where companies are reassessing their portfolios and reducing redundancies to remain competitive. However, it also raises questions about the future of specialized content platforms, particularly those catering to niche audiences like preschoolers.

For Paramount Global, the key to future success may lie in its ability to leverage its existing properties and content libraries effectively while finding new ways to engage and retain audiences in an increasingly crowded market. The closure of Noggin, while a loss for the specific demographic it served, could be a necessary step in the company’s broader transformation and survival strategy.

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