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Weekly Subscription News: Tech, Tweets and Taxes

Featuring Ford, TweetDeck, Vice Media, Amazon and ESPN

Driving technology, tweets and taxes made the subscription headlines this week. Ford’s hands-off driving technology is only available by subscription, and TweetDeck is becoming a paid service. Also, the IRS says Vice Media owes nearly $41 million in back taxes for Refinery29, Disney hopes to crack down on password sharing, and ESPN makes a $2 billion deal with a casino company for sports gambling.

Ford’s Hands-Off Driving Tech Only Available by Subscription

TweetDeck Is Officially Becoming a Paid Service
The Verge

The New York Times Wants to Go Its Own Way on AI Licensing
Nieman Lab

IRS Claims Vice Media Owes Nearly $41M in Back Taxes for Refinery29

YouTube Is Deactivating Links in Shorts Videos to Combat Spam

Disney Is ‘Actively Exploring’ Ways to Crack Down on Password Sharing
The Verge

Musk’s X Social Media Platform Shuts Down Promoted Accounts Ad Business

Amazon’s Palm Payment System Aims to Challenge Apple and Google

ESPN Enters Sports Gambling in $2 Billion Deal with Casino Company
The New York Times

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