WW Announces Global Launch of New PersonalPoints Program

WW Announces Global Launch of Customizable PersonalPoints Program

Subscribers can customize the plans to fit their food and activity goals

WW International, Inc., formerly Weight Watchers, announced the launch of the company’s newest product: the PersonalPoints program, a customizable program for weight management and health and wellness. With WW’s latest program, subscribers will be able to create individual weight management and healthy eating and activity plans, customized for their specific needs. The ultimate goal of the program is to support weight loss, decrease hunger and cravings, increase physical activity and healthy habits, and improve overall well-being and quality of life.

Program features

The PersonalPoints program has three primary features:

  1. Subscribers can identify personal food and activity targets and customizable ZeroPoint foods lists. ZeroPoint foods don’t need to be weighed, measured or tracked.
  2. WW has updated its food algorithm to account for added sugar, unsaturated fat and fiber, as well as other nutrients. This new update focuses on nutritious foods to make selecting healthy options easier. In this program, PersonalPoints replace SmartPoints.
  3. Users can earn PersonalPoints for healthy behaviors like eating non-starchy vegetables, hitting daily water goals, and increased physical activity.

“While we all experience life events that can cause disruptions in our routine, we do not share the same experience. Everyone’s truth is unique. Everyone’s life is unique. That’s why it’s important to have a weight loss program that is just as unique as you,” said Mindy Grossman, WW President and CEO, in a November 8, 2021 news release. “PersonalPoints is individualized in a way that has never been done before – built around your favorite foods, your metabolism and your goals – so you can still embrace and savor all of life’s moments. We give you the tools to build powerful habits – without restrictions, but with results.”

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Benefits of the program

WW lists the following benefits of the program on their PersonalPoints sign-up page:

  • No foods are off limits.
  • Subscribers earn more PersonalPoints by making healthier food and activity choices.
  • Each healthy choice adds up to longer-lasting healthy habits.
  • PersonalPoints factor in calories, added sugars, saturated fats, protein, fiber and unsaturated fats.

“Our new program will completely shift the way people think about a weight and wellness journey, helping people realize from the start: ‘I still can – and I will – enjoy my life while losing weight,’” said Gary Foster, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at WW and author of The Shift: 7 Powerful Mindset Changes for Lasting Weight Loss. “We have purposefully created a scientifically-advanced program that puts our members front-and-center so they can find satisfaction in adopting habits that are livable, realistic, and – importantly – sustainable.”

PersonalPoints trials produced results

WW ran a six-month clinical trial of the PersonalPoints Program. During the trial, there was a 55.4% increase in daily fruit consumption and 60.6% increase in daily vegetable consumption. In addition, sitting time was reduced by 83 minutes per day and there was a 27 minutes per day increase in moderate physical activity. In addition, participants saw a 52.9% average increase in healthy habits.

“During the six-month clinical trial of the WW PersonalPoints Program, participants experienced clinically significant results as it pertains to their weight and overall health and wellness,” said Sherry Pagoto, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist, professor at University of Connecticut, and lead researcher on the clinical trial of the new program. “Not only did we see clinically significant weight loss during this time, but we also saw notable improvements in overall quality of life and well-being, decreased hunger and food cravings, and improvements in physical activity and an automaticity of healthy habits.”

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Subscription plans

WW has undergone a lot of transformation in the last several years. They currently offer four subscription options, starting at $3.38 per week:

  • Digital plan, featuring the PersonalPoints app, starts at $3.38 per week.
  • Digital 360, featuring next-level coaching plus the PersonalPoints app, starts at $4.61 per week.
  • Unlimited workshops + digital, featuring PersonalPoints app, in-person and virtual workshops, starts at $6.92 per week.
  • 1-on-1 coaching + digital, featuring PersonalPoints app and 1-on-1 guidance with an expert WW coach, starts at $11.08 per week.

Insider Take

The announcement just days after WW released its third quarter 2021 results which revealed an 8.5% decrease in net revenue from subscriptions and product sales, a 4.3% decrease in adjusted gross profit, a 15% decrease in net income, a 4.3% decrease in end of period subscribers, and a 3.2% decrease in total paid weeks. While these results are disappointing, we are comparing 2021 to 2020 which was anything but typical. The company continues to transform itself and evolve its products and subscription services to better adapt to today’s consumer. With health and wellness top of mind, the company’s forethought in developing new, easier to use subscription products will help put them on the path to post-pandemic recovery.

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