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Weekly Subscription News: SEC Warnings, AI Leaks and an AI Copyright Dispute

Featuring Google, Workday, Thomson Reuters and Financial Times

This week’s subscription news roundup features SEC warnings on advisor subscription fees, Google’s accidental leaking of Bard AI chats, and Thomson Reuters’ AI copyright dispute. Also, Florida and Texas social media moderation bans are headed to the US Supreme Court, Gen Z shoppers are the biggest buyers of subscription boxes, and only one-fifth of US readers are subscribing to news. What does this say about the success of the paywall and media consumption?

SEC Warns Investors To ‘Do the Math’ on Advisor Subscription Fees

Google Accidently Leaked Its Bard AI Chats into Public Search Results
Fast Company

Florida and Texas Social Media Moderation Bans Heading to Supreme Court

Pony Up at the Paywall: Only One-Fifth of US Readers Are Subscribing
Media Post

Gen Z Consumers Are Subscription Boxes’ Biggest Fans

Financial Times Targets US and Global Readers with Subscription App Podcasts

Workday Shares Tumble After Cutting Revenue Outlook Because of Economic Uncertainty

Thomson Reuters AI Copyright Dispute Must Go To Trial, Judge Says

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